The woodpecker's message

Early in the morning I heard a bird sound that I did not know before.

It turned out to be a green woodpecker singing it's laughing sound from high in a tree. (Have you ever heard a green woodpecker? Her call sounds really very much laughing.) Later in the day I heard her again. And again. She's bringing a message, I realized. So I took a journey to the green woodpecker, just like you can do through the dream journeys in my book Journey Along to the Eagle (in this case, Journey Along to the Green Woodpecker). "What do you want to tell me?" I asked her. "I teach about trust," she said. "I don't stand out, but my sound is heard by those who can listen." I thought it was such beautiful, inspiring words. Simple and pure. The woodpecker laughs and makes listeners gaze in wonder at the trees in search of the life in life.